Having worked in diverse sectors such as teaching, marketing, sales, professional development, language acquisition, translations, proofreading and editing in English, Hindi and German for almost 20 years, I am excited to research, conceptualize and implement curricula and learning engagements that bring the best of industry and academia together.


Project-based learning methods help equip learners with 21st-century skills such as working in collaborative teams, respecting diverse perspectives, develop a growth mindset, resolve conflict and work towards sustainable solutions that have a positive impact on the environment and our community. I am constantly seeking opportunities to offer my students such opportunities. 


My goal as a language educator is to foster a love for learning in students by highlighting that we learn languages to talk about the world and not to talk about languages, which is a crucial 21st-century skill. To show them how language connects us with people and cultures and makes us unique and internationally-minded. 

My colleagues often describe me as very approachable, compassionate, mindful listener, risk-taker and a collaborative colleague. Experiencing my team be adventurous, ask questions and keep students in focus makes me happy. 

Living root bridges of Meghalaya, India that are naturally growing in a way that they support the crossing of so many people. Their design has often inspired me to design creative projects and respect nature for the power it can exercise in life. India and its various facets are my constant source of inspiration.


How research in brain development is helping language teachers to modify language classroom instruction.

WIDA - How World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment helps determine appropriate instructional services for EAL students.

The strengths and challenges of multilingual and multicultural teams.

Macro and micro scaffolding of language instruction



IB Workshops and involvements

  • November 2019 - Creating Cultures of Thinking (Ron Ritchhart)

  • September 2019 - DP Coordination (Cat.2)

  • September 2019 - Managing Assessments in the MYP (Cat.3)

  • April 2019 - Building for the Future (PYP Enhancements Cat. 3)

  • September 2018 - Encouraging Childrens' Creative Instincts in the Classroom (Cat. 3)

  • September 2018 - Role of the Coordinator (Cat. 3) 

  • Since 2017 - Member of the IB MYP Language Acquisition Review Team

  • July 2016 - Creating authentic units in the MYP (Cat. 3)

  • November 2015 - Language Acquisition: Implementing the MYP (Cat. 1)

  • October 2015 – Launching the MYP

  • September 2013 - Inquiry and the Additional Language Teacher (Cat. 3)

  • November 2013 – Assessments in IB Schools

  • September 2012 - Making the PYP Happen


Other Professional Development Initiatives as an Educator


  • February 2020 - Attended the SEE (Social, Emotional, Ethical) Learning L1 Facilitator workshop by Emory University and SEE Learning India

  • March 2019 - Conducted a workshop for Ahmedabad International School on Inquiry-based learning and the role of specialists in designing and executing a transdisciplinary programme of inquiry.

  • November 2018 - Attended a workshop "Exploring instruction: World language classrooms with multi-level proficiencies - using CLIL, scaffolding and differentiation by Dr Viginia P Rojas, Language Acquisition Specialist in Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • November 2016 - Led an in-school professional development workshop for Ascend International School's faculty on establishing the WIDA (World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment) framework for English language learners

  • October 2016 - Attended the 4-day WIDA (World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment) academy in Beijing, China. WIDA academies bring language educators from all over the world to gain an understanding of the WIDA framework, provide scaffolding strategies for language instruction and guidelines for implementation of this framework in the context of various curriculum standards offered by schools around the world

  • February 2016 - Presenter “Broadening the Scope of Hindi Learning and Teaching “ and attendee at the ASB Unplugged conference, American School of Bombay, Mumbai, India

  • June 2015 - Successfully completed the online ‘TESOL Advanced Certification Course for young learners and children’s course’ from the American TESOL Organization, Tampa, Florida, USA. Member of the International TESOL Association.

  • October 2014 - Visited University Child Development School, Seattle, USA as part of an educational partnership program

  • June 2014 – Attended a conference on Research in Early Childhood Education and Social Pedagogy at the Alanus University, Alfter, Germany

  • May 2014 – Successfully completed a free online offering by Stanford University, “Creativity – Music to my ears:” A six-week experiential course focused on opportunity recognition, reframing problems, challenging assumptions, connecting and combining ideas, working on creative teams and mastering a mindset of innovation

  • January 2013 - attended ASB Unplugged IMPACT Conference: Effecting Change with the Brain in Mind, focusing on the impact of the growing body of neuroscience research on our understanding of how we teach and learn at the American School of Mumbai , India


University of Edinburgh Business School, UK

Master of Business Administration