Varsha Agarwal Rodewald 

I am passionate about applying the inquiry-based and project-based learning methodology to the language acquisition classroom. My journey as a language acquisition specialist started twenty years ago and I am an eight years young IB educator, administrator and leader in the Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma programmes. I believe in leading by example and always look forward to leading with my team. We all learn and grow as a result of this approach.

The way humans learn languages and how the brain builds new networks to facilitate this process fascinates me and I make time to research and read about this wonder. Education is a journey and not a race and real learning lies in how we learn and not what we learn is a mantra I live by as a parent and educator.

How specialists play a crucial role in designing authentic learning experiences across subject boundaries in the PYP, designing and executing a concept-based curriculum in the MYP and DP are my areas of research, interest and expertise. I am happy to support educators and schools on building this strength, especially in the Indian/Asian context. I look forward to interacting with you!

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